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rancho buganvilias

An RV Park beautifully situated on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
It’s a breath of fresh air.

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Located on Mainland Mexico

For explorers…like you

Drop in to Rancho Buganvilias for a night – stay for a week or more. This is a common experience for travelers young and old.

People feel a sense of freedom and calm when they arrive at ranch. Leaving all of the busyness behind and experiencing living life in the present moment. There’s plenty of space and fresh air.

The Ranch is located on an 8 mile stretch of nearly unpopulated white sandy beach. The nearby village is inhabited by gracious and lovely people plus…there are loads of amazing beaches to be discovered.

What’s not to love.

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From the Air



BOON DOCKING – 100 pesos per person. Located about 50-100 yards from showers.

FULL SERVICE SPOTS – 300 pesos for one or two persons (100 pesos for each additional). These spots are for larger rigs that need the 30 amp – 110 v and the front location with great views.



$6000 pesos per month

Prices are subject to change – updated September, 2023

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